ECB monetary policy

ECB turns 20 years

Market eyes set on ECB comments

The Corner | May 20, 2015 | Monetary policy issues will not be adresses at the ECB’s Governing Council meeting today. However, markets will be very attentive to comments that individual members make, especially given the impact of Coeuré and Noyer’s words on Tuesday (the euro fell against other currencies and European stocks rallyied on ECB bond comments).

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ECB buying sovereign bonds: why it doesn’t make sense for Spain

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | Mario Draghi has been saying he doesn’t rule out a sovereing debt QE: he reminded it at Jackson Hole, then at the European Parliament and in a euro summit in Lithuania on Thursday.  Markets are discounting those eventual state debt’s purchases. But do they make sense? Although the eurozone does not have a liquidity problem, analysts remind that the US didn’t either, and yet half of the QE3 went into govies.

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Draghi, Open to More Long-Term Loans

The Corner Team | ECB’s President Mario Draghi opened the door to providing more money to eurozone banks in order to keep market interest rates low and ensure the recovery, which finally seems to be picking up. His comments have been like fresh air to Europe’s banks, which face another stress test in the coming months.

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US stimulus 1- EU austerity 0

While the US enjoy an economic confidence recovery, euro zone members have to put up with a failed mix of austerity measures and monetary expansion. The strategy must be changed since there are few signs of improvement in the real economy, none in the case of Spain.

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ECB monetary policy runs in the opposite direction

LONDON/MADRID | The link between less liquidity and worse economic figures looks clearly defined by the extreme timidity of the ECB and the fact that Germany last March joined France, Italy and Spain in the contraction zone.