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Karlsruhe Court

Why Is The German Constitutional Court Now Challenging The ECB’s Purchase Programme And European Justice?

The German Constitutional Court surprised everyone yesterday with a ruling that some of the European Central Bank (ECB)’s actions, carried out as part of its 2015 bond purchase programme (PSPP), are unconstitutional. This decision clashes directly with the judgement of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The decision does not call into question the entire debt purchase programme, but rather the part relating to the Bundesbank’s intervention.

The ECB bets on buying private debt

The ECB Bets On Buying Private Debt

The ECB purchased €20.3bn of QE assets over Jan. Only 61% of the purchases were done in public sector bonds, much lower than the 80% average over 2016-18. This confirms the view of BoA Global Research that QE will now be more focused on corporates & covereds. The country breakdown of monthly PSPP is much more volatile now. In CSPP there are interesting secondary and sectorial flows.