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The end of ECB's Quantitative Easing is coming

The End Of ECB’s Quantitative Easing Is Coming

At its Governing Council meeting today, the European Central Bank is expected to confirm the termination of the asset purchase programme by the end of December 2018. The expiry date had so far been subject to incoming data and the medium-term inflation outlook. While incoming data in the past weeks has been rather disappointing, economists at Julius Baer see the solid credit activity as a valid reason to stop asset purchases.

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No Changes in ECB

The European Central Bank kept monetary policy unchanged: interest rates on hold and made only its previous broad commitment to run bond-buying for as long as needed, stopping short of a formal extension of quantitative easing, as expected on Thursday. Indeed, the institution didn’t make any adjustments to its quantitative easing program of asset purchases. That program includes monthly purchases of 80 billion euros and is set to run at least…