ECB’s meeting

The paradox of the ECB long-term refinancing operations

ECB’s Meeting: Draghi Will Not Stop To Remind That The Purchases Programme Is Flexible

The ECB’s meeting next Thursday will serve to prolong the continuist tone and will be characterised by an appearance by Draghi in which he will continue with his message of prudence. The Italian will also recall that the ammunition remains ready and will insist on the roll-over of matured assets in the portfolio linked to QE, at the same time as again deferring raising interests rates, signalling summer 2019 as a posible date.


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The ECB Unlikely To Make A Move Today

The ECB governing board will meet today amidst a climate that doesn’t invite a move of any kind. It goes without saying that the only open option is whether or not to launch a discussion on how to undertake the tapering of its asset buying programme.

The ECB will be unable to normalize its monetary policy soon

Questioning Draghi’s Tone: Half Hawkish Half Dovish

In last years, central banks have managed to give markets any sign about the direction of their policies, neither too dramatic nor excessively inaccurate. Today it is the turn for the ECB to take a further step towards the monetary policy easing in Europe. Experts are divided over the tone of Draghi’s words at the central bank meeting. Some expect he will not change it against the relative surprising hawkish speech in Sintra two weeks ago.

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ECB must “not hold anything back” despite Germany’s pressure

The markets are seemingly focusing on next week ECB’s meeting rather than on geopolitical events. Investors expect they will take new measures on expansionary monetary policy. Yesterday, ECB’s vice president Vitor Constancio, insisted again that the central bank will analyse those if needed to reach the inflation target of 2%.

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A Minority View On ECB’s Decision: Put Corporate Debt

Markets are trying to glean any hint about whether or not the ECB will confirm additional stimulus during its monthly meeting today. Most analysts forecast a QE reinforcement in quantity, as well as in term, before year-end or in 2016. But there is also a minority who bet on the central bank just adding corporate debt to the cocktail.

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Falling EZ inflation makes it tricky for Draghi

MADRID | By Francisco López | Markets are taking for granted that ECB’s chairman Mario Draghi is going to act tomorrow. What is not that clear is to which extent he will do it. The last inflation figures on the euro area -a greater fall than the expected in May, standing at 0.5% and thus worsening deflation risks- represent a convenient opportunity for those ECB’s members claiming immediate bold measures.

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Looking forward the ECB’s relief

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | The ECB’s Thursday upcoming meeting will be historical for the EU economy. Any move will mean some easing, even if it will be very difficult that it reactivates the euro zone. What it should definitely do is to massively buy public debt, removing it from financial assets for the banks to find fresh liquid assets as well as capital gains to cover its holes and thus cut interests of private sector’s credit.

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ECB likely to bet on inaction again

MADRID | By The Corner | Bundesbank’s Jens Weidmann shift, more inclined to consider bonds purchases, basically reponds to pure economic policy. Although it could anticipate those are closer than ever, it does not mean that ECB is to take action in today’s meeting. Most of analysts at Madrid’s financial place agree that Draghi would be more explicit regarding eventual tools to fight deflation- or low inflation as European authorities prefer to call it now-. He could announce some kind of corporate financing support such as securitization’ buyings at most. 

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ECB’s Meeting: More Liquidity With Conditions

MADRID | By The Corner Team | With the holiday season around the corner and following higher-than-expected inflation data last week, nobody is expecting the ECB to lower rates on Thursday. The hottest issue on the table is whether to launch a third LTRO. Of course, markets are uncertain and we might suddenly be shocked by some unexpected news.

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Before ECB’s meeting: Euro Losses Momentum To Possible Rate Cut

MADRID | By Francisco López | The market has changed their perception about the ECB’s monetary policy and it’s now anticipating a possible reduction of interest rates in the eurozone before end of the year or early 2014. The first consequence has been the depreciation of the euro, which has gone from 1.38 dollars, a two-year-maximum, to 1.35. The European currency suddenly depreciated, yet it still overvalued against the dollar.