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When Will Greek Banks Operate as Credit Institutions Again?

ATHENS | By Jens Bastian via The Agora | Despite the successful recapitalisation process and continued restructuring of the Greek banking sector, the credit transmission mechanism towards the real economy remains severely impaired.  [Above graph sources: The Agora and Bank of Greece yearly data.]

European Banking Union

Why European Banking Union May Fail (Varoufakis)

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | Yanis Varoufakis is the most critical economist regarding the institutional failures of the monetary union. He considers that the European Banking Union will only benefit EU Northern countries, and adds that the basic principles of the euro zone have not been entirely followed.

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Two analyst notes, one worrisome story

According to ACF, the total amount of debt purchased by the ECB has doubled since the beginning of August. “The ECB increased purchases of sovereign debt during the last week up to €13.960bn. This is comparing to the previous week’s €13.300bn. The total amount of debt purchased by the ECB has almost doubled in the last five weeks. Since the purchasing program began in May 2010 up until last August…