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OCDE scenario ,particularly negative, has not been discounted by equities

OCDE Scenario Particularly Negative And, If Fulfilled, Has Not Been Discounted By Equities

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has again downgraded global economic growth for 2019 to 3.3%. However, the most striking point was the strong downgrade of Eurozone GDP growth, which it now forecasts at only 1% when only a few months ago it was expecting 1.8%. Germany and Italy are the countries that emerge worse from this severe downgrade of growth.

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The Eurozone Joins The “Weak Q1” Club

Eurozone GDP growth in Q1 arrived in line with a GDP tracker at +0.4% on a quarterly basis estimated by AXA IM strategists (versus a consensus of 0.6%) and reflected “the weakness in industrial production in several member states during January and February.”

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Eurozone’s Inflation Overshoot Is The Natural Slope

BoAML | Even with structural reforms, trend GDP growth may not be consistent with comfortable debt sustainability in key peripherals by the time inflation normalizes. If the euro area does not make progress towards fiscal union in the meantime, the ECB will likely have to remain involved on the bond market.