Fed’s FOMC meeting

Fed monetary policy

FED, ECB monetary policy: communication counts when doubts increase

The minutes released by the FED and the ECB last week shared concern about how to inform about their monetary stance. They fear unsettling the markets should investors wrongly interpret the messages conveyed to them.  When you lack a clear policy perspective, the best thing you can do is to manage communication in a fairly tight way.


Fed minutes show division over rate hike timing

The minutes of the FOMC’s policy meeting July 26-27 showed voting members were split over whether to raise US rates soon. The majority of the committee believe more macro data is needed before hiking rates, but some expect a move will be needed sooner rather than later. 


Fed Must Send A Clear Message On Rates After Today’s FOMC Meeting

Today the Fed’s FOMC holds its first meeting of 2016 with 4 planned board changes. In summary, we can say that 1 hawk (hard line) will be leaving and 4 joining. This means that the balance is still in favour of the doves (soft line), but less so than in 2015.The markets will react positively if the Fed sends a clear message that it will take into account the situation of both the US and the global economy before implementing further rate hikes.