France’s economy

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France: Where reforms need to be made

LONDON | By Barclays analysts | France’s macroeconomic situation does not look that bad and on average the country compares well with other developed economies. It does not suffer from a major imbalance in terms of yearly flows (trade, finances, etc). However, weaknesses, perniciously accumulating over the years, have now been laid bare by the crisis.

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France Wants to Reinvent Herself… But to Become What?

THE CORNER’S OP-ED |  “La nouvelle France industrielle” (the new industrial France). Amid widespread resentment of the population, that’s François Hollande’s slogan for his new state-aided plan to boost the economy. The country has the fifth highest GDP in the world, although the effects of the economic crisis are deepening. The latest figures have brought the number of unemployed to more than three million. Will Paris succeed in taking the reins?