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Dire Outlook For World Trade

The recent G 20 Summit saw widespread concern over the backlash against free trade. The crude populism gaining momentum in many developed countries has raised the banner against globalisation, depicted as the main culprit for all woes. Those losing their jobs or facing tougher labour conditions openly blame imports and open market access for their misfortune.

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FSB: tougher loss-absorbency homework for too-big-to-fail banks

MADRID | The Corner | The Financial stability board (FSB) is advocating an increase in regulatory demands of systemic banks: the so-called “too big to fail”. The details will be presented at tomorrow’s G20 meeting, but will effectively mean that more capital and liabilities can automatically be written off in a crisis. The basic requirement will be set at 15-20% of risk-weighted assets by 2019, although the final number will be higher (even more than 25% in certain cases) since lenders have to meet “other regulatory capital buffers,” according to the document, dated Sept. 21, quoted by Bloomberg.


G20 summit: Poor Damasco, congrats Istambul!

MADRID | By A.A. | Saint Petersburg, G20 summit. Forget fiscal havens and banking regulation: the only relevant issue seems to be the eventual operation in Syria. Should it take place before Saturday, many would regret it. The only positive collateral effect in the author’s view is that it would help Istambul to host the 2020 Olympic Games.