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The great anomaly of German bonds

The Great Anomaly Of German Bonds

Ofelia Marín- Lozano | The intervention of the ECB in sovereign bond markets stopped the rise in the internal rate of return on the periphery countries bonds, Spain and Italy. But it didn’t stop the flight to what had become the main asset of safety, German bonds, whose IRR continued falling until the nominal returns were negative.

Leverage loans. The next trigger?

German Or US Bonds: Who Is Following Who?

Analysts at Julius Baer think it is “comforting” to see that the bond market is efficient. In other words, they say that for German bond investors it is basically the same whether they invest in negative- yielding German Bunds or buy US bonds and pay for the hedging of the currency risk.

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German Bonds Point to Dampened Expectations On G20 Deal

Julius Baer Research | Yields of German 2-year and 5-year government bonds are down to -0.55% and -0.36%, respectively, testament that the market is not expecting the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors to hammer out a global deal against falling interest rates.