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A Message To The German Constitutional Court: There Is A Debate On Asset Purchases At The ECB

Intermoney | Within the ECB, they are not forgetting the clash it has had with the German Constitutional Court, after the latter ruled the bank’s bond purchase programme is “partially unconstitutional.” In fact, it is one of the problems they have to solve before the institutional break in August. Meanwhile, the central bank’s internal forum is still debating the question of whether the buying programme had an impact on economic and financial policy. The members of the Governing Council have been discussing the pros and cons of its monetary policy. 

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Why Is The German Constitutional Court Now Challenging The ECB’s Purchase Programme And European Justice?

The German Constitutional Court surprised everyone yesterday with a ruling that some of the European Central Bank (ECB)’s actions, carried out as part of its 2015 bond purchase programme (PSPP), are unconstitutional. This decision clashes directly with the judgement of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The decision does not call into question the entire debt purchase programme, but rather the part relating to the Bundesbank’s intervention.

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ECB’s OMT: The trick in German Constitutional Court’s sentence

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | Germany set off a time bomb against the euro by transferring from the country’s constitutional court to European Court of Justice the decision about “legality” of ECB’s Outright Monetary Transactions’ program. Some Spanish analysts appear to be pleased with the sentence, contrarily to common sense: it is good that German Court starts to agree the European Union’s. They say that recognising Europe’s jurisprudence assures Community law’s unity. God bless their innocence.