German elections 2017

Sunday's Italian election have left behind a complex scenario

Italian Election And German Deal: An Unstable Political Future vs Stability

Sunday’s Italian election have left behind a complex scenario and a lot of attention will be on the negotiations to form a government. In fact, Matteo Renzi has been the first domino to fall as he has decided to resign after his party’s negative results. But in Germany a political future is shaping up, after the Socialdemocrat Party gave the green light to the agreement with the conservatives of Christian Democrat leader Angela Merkel.

Germany's fiscal policy

The Stagnation In Europe And Germany’s Leadership

Europe has been seriously hit by the outcome of the German elections. And it’s difficult for it not to suffer the consequences of being led by Germany. What is in doubt is whether in the next crisis, which could be fuelled by any of the underlying threats (Russia, immigrants, separatism etc) there will be sufficient common resources to deal with them.

Germany and Europe

European Fears of “Jamaica” Coalition Are Overblown

A three-party “Jamaica” coalition in Germany may not be so bad for Europe as observers fear. The real benefit for Europe would be German domestic policy. After four years of stasis under the grand coalition, the “Jamaica” parties could transform the German economy


Merkel gets most votes in German elections

German Elections Outcome To Have Limited Impact On Markets In Short-Term

Despite the elements of surprise in yesterday’s general elections in Germany, most analysts and economists believe the overall impact on the financial markets will be limited in the short and medium-term. But with the status quo of the Grand Coalition no longer available, there will now be a period of uncertainty.

Angela Merkel

What To Expect From The Upcoming But Forgotten German Elections?

There has been something of a political roller-coaster in Europe over the past months, and it appears already that no-one is giving much importance to the upcoming federal elections in Germany. But there are various issues and questions making this election especially important for Germany and the EU.