German exports

Germany's motor is greased

Germany: The Motor Is Greased

In total, despite the big recession, the German economy has grown 26% so far this century and, even more importantly, 20% from the minimums of Q1’09. It is currently experiencing one of its best moments since the “V” exit from the big crisis.

The creation of a single deposit insurance is key to finalising financial integration

The Eurozone has geared up

Suprising as it may be, 18 of the 19 members of the Eurozone saw an increase in GDP in Q1’17 with respect to Q4’16. Spain’s GDP improved by 0.6%; Italy managed to grow (0.2%); Germany and France clocked up a 0.4% rise. Only Greece remained in the red. The unemployment rate in the region has officially fallen to 9.6%…there is growth.

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Further depreciation of the Euro due to poor eurozone data

MADRID | By Francisco López | The latest movements within currency markets function as a gauge of the economic momentum in both Europe and the US. The decline of the Euro against the Dollar has increased in the last few days due to poor macroeconomic data in the eurozone, which is in sharp contrast with the vigour shown by the US (who showed growth of 3.5% in the third quarter of 2014).

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German exports: Don’t lash out at ‘Made in Germany’

LISBON | By at Diário Económico via Presseurop | The European Commission has opened a “thorough investigation” into Germany’s export surpluses, which stand accused of damaging the Eurozone’s balance. However, working towards banking union would be wiser, writes Diario Economico’s director.

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China-Germany relations: dream team or pipe dream?

Angela Merkel refuses to levy tariffs of 47% on Chinese solar panel imports because she fears damaging China-Germany relations and being shut out of its market. However, in Ray Kwong’s view, Berlin is too dependent on China’s economic engine, which could crack anytime due to territorial conflicts, too-rapid expansion of credit, lax environmental oversight, widening discontent among the population and many other legitimate problems.