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German factory output disappoints

The Corner | April 8,2015 | German factory output disappoints as fears of  slowdown in the U.S and China hit exporters in Europe’s largest economy despite the weakened state of the euro. Elsewhere, retail sales are expected to contract in the euro area having shown gains since the final months of 2014.

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European markets reopen

The Corner | April 7, 2015 | European markets reopen this morning, with three areas of specific interest likely to dominate events on trading floors. The first, will be the continued wrangling between Greece and its creditors, with hopes for a deal becoming increasingly slim as the acrimony between the various parties seemingly increased over the weekend. On Wall Street, quarterly results presentations will commence, while traders will also be closely monitoring a swathe of data which may offer an insight as to the future direction of the Fed’s monetary policy.

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Europe´s locomotive moving along nicely

The Corner | March 2, 2015 | The engine of Europe’s economy outperformed expectations in 4Q2014, and that is good news for all the eurozone. Germany is increasingly depending on internal demand, which was the main contributor to the 1.6% GDP growth last year: 0.4 basis points.