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Greece exits its 8-year-bailout -Are you not entertained?

Yiannis Mouzakis via Macropolis | The tone of the day is celebratory for some. After eight years, myriad Eurogroup meetings that lasted until the early morning hours and hundreds of billion euros in loans, the eurozone is probably happy that it doesn’t have to spend any more time, energy and money on this small country at the corner of Europe that represents 2 percent of the total eurozone economy.

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Regling and Wieser: The key points

The Agora via Macropolis |  Two of the key participants in Greece’s financing programme, the European Stability Mechanism’s Klaus Regling and the head of the Eurogroup Working Group Thomas Wieser, gave interviews to two Greek Sunday newspapers in which they covered a wide range of issues relating to the latest developments in Greece.

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EU markets opening

MADRID | The Corner | February 25, 2015 | Spanish telecom giant Telefonica reported a drop of 34.7% in net profit, although investors celebrated revenue picture  brightening up. Elsewhere, the Spanish Producer Price Index falls again, registering a drop of 2.8% for January.