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Greece exits its 8-year-bailout -Are you not entertained?

Yiannis Mouzakis via Macropolis | The tone of the day is celebratory for some. After eight years, myriad Eurogroup meetings that lasted until the early morning hours and hundreds of billion euros in loans, the eurozone is probably happy that it doesn’t have to spend any more time, energy and money on this small country at the corner of Europe that represents 2 percent of the total eurozone economy.

A man walks past a pre-election poster of the Democratic Alliance party at a bus station in Athens

“If Syriza wants to obtain a better deal from Greece’s lenders, it will have to offer something in return”

MADRID | By Ana Fuentes | The possibility that leftist party SYRIZA wins next Greece’s elections on January 25th is hitting the European markets since this may involve a new kind of arrangement with Brussels about the country’s bailout and the precautionary line. According to Greek journalist at Macropolis, Nick Malkoutzis, “if the party offers structural reforms that would clean up Greek politics, improve tax collection and make the public administration more efficient, the Eurozone might be prepared to listen to what SYRIZA has to say”.