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Tsipras is at his strongest, but for how long?

ATHENS | By Nick Malkoutzis via MacroPolis | Working out how Alexis Tsipras went from anti-austerity crusader to comfortably winning an election while promising to implement the third bailout, and in the process turning a resounding “No” in the July referendum to a humiliating “Yes” a week later, is something that political scientists will study for years to come.

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Greek elections: A rather positive status quo

LONDON | Barclays | Despite this clear victory and positive status quo, a number of key questions remain for the post-election era: Will the quarterly targets be met as the macroeconomic outlook worsens? Will the ECB reintroduce the waiver on GGBs and include them in the PSPP programme?


Who can blame Greek voters?

By Benjamin Cole via HistorinhasThe unemployment in Greece is 25 percent. The Greek economy has shrunk by 29% since 2009. That is a full-blown economic depression, an outright failure of macroeconomic policy.


Syriza’s victory: Greeks reject Europe’s recipe but they need Brussels’ support

MADRID | By JP Marín Arrese | The landslide victory snatched by leftwing Syriza plus the sizeable score recorded by parties opposed to the austerity measures represents a challenge to Europe’s orthodoxy in addressing real adjustment. Greek voters have voiced their rebuke to policies encompassing significant sacrifices but failing to redress a dismal economic record. Scrapping key elements of the welfare state and imposing harsh conditions on citizens has resulted in widespread poverty. In addition, the sentiment the troika was running the country has infuriated many of those going to the polls on Sunday. For all the popular support received, Tsipras faces a  formidable challenge ahead in delivering his election promises.