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New Mexico Regulator Questions Iberdrola’s Financial Health; Considers Condition Buy Of PNM Resources

Renta 4 | One of the US regulators could be questioning Iberdrola’s acquistion of PNM Resources. The Regulatory Commision of New Mexico has recommended that the operation, (EV 6.9 billion euros), carried out by the Spanish firm’s subisidiary Avangrid, is done again. The regulator has found that there are more disadvantages for customers than initially estimated. And it is calling for conditions to be attached if the deal is finally…

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Iberdrola Warns Of The Risk From Trump To US Renewables’ Growth Plan

Iberdrola has warned  of the risk Donald Trump’s administration poses to renewables’ growth plans in the US. Iberdrola says Trump could freeze or eliminate the CPP (Clean Power Plan) designed by Obama. This envisaged investments of $8.5 billion a year until 2030. But for now, these changes in US policy have not altered Iberdrola’s growth outlook.


Iberdrola: addressing latest questions from investors

UBS | Based on our latest conversations with investors, the following three questions emerged on Iberdrola: Could we see EPS growth upgrades following the strategic update on Feb-2017? Could renewables growth plans in the US be at risk? And, Is the company likely to pursue inorganic growth as suggested by recent press articles?

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Iberdrola’s Business In The US, Mexico Should Not Be Affected By Trump Win

Spanish power company Iberdrola is involved in the electricity and gas generation and distribution businesses in the US. It also has 5.504MW of installed capacity in Mexico, mainly in combined gas cycles. This is one of the pillars of future growth for Iberdrola as it is constructing 4.000 MW to reach a 2020 target of 10.000 MW of installed capacity.