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Great lockdown

The IMF Predicts No One Will Be Saved In The “Great Lockdown”

The IMF points to a recessionary situation in both developed and emerging countries, during the “Great Lockdown”, as it has named the current crisis. This did not occur in 2009 Great Recession as the emerging countries then acted as a lifeline by growing by 2.82%. Also, the international organization projects that per capita growth will contract in more than 170 countries.

During the first quarter, growth was robust in the US and in Spain

The synchronisation and strength of global growth is a reality

Intermoney | This week we will see the publication of the first chapters of the IMF’s six-monthly report on Global Economic Perspectives, which should be more favourable than on previous occasions. The synchronisation and the strength of global growth is a reality and the data over the coming months won’t call this into question.