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Inflation Is At 10.5%, And Food Inflation At 13%

The INE confirmed yesterday that inflation continues to run rampant: it closed August at 10.5% year-on-year, its highest rate in 38 years. Although this figure is three tenths of a percentage point lower than in July, it is one tenth of a percentage point higher than the figure at the end of last month and is the result of both the rise in electricity prices, which continues despite the cap…

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Brussels Warning: Spain Will Have Inflation Of 8.1% In 2022 And Will Grow Less In 2023

The European Commission has not corrected its forecasts with respect to May: growth remains at 4%, close to the Government’s April forecast of 4.3%. The blow comes in 2023, with one of the biggest downward revisions in Europe, of 1.3 percentage points: growth of 2.1%, after the Commission itself estimated months ago that it would be 3.4%. For this period, the government had estimated 3.5% growth three months ago. The…

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Inflation Soars To 10.2% In June, The Highest In 37 Years

The CPI shot up 1.5 points in June, closing at a year-on-year rate of 10.2%, according to the INE’s leading indicator. This is the highest inflation in 37 years, since 1985, surpassing both the 8.7% figure recorded in May and the previous high of 9.8% in March. Gasoline and food products were responsible for the rise in prices, according to the INE, which, as this is a first estimate, does…

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Sánchez’s Second Anti-Inflation Plan Comes Into Force Today

The package of measures – valued at 9 billion euros and approved last Saturday by Pedro Sánchez’s government – to contain the impact of the inflationary spiral, comes into force today. The Royal Decree, with measures ranging from pensions to the butane cylinder, electricity generation and the gas market, was published in the BOE yesterday, Sunday. This was just hours after being announced by the Prime Minister following an extraordinary…

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Unemployment Rises By 70,900 In The Year To March, And Inflation Falls To 8.4%.

Unemployment rose by 70,900 people between January and March, up almost 2.3% from the previous quarter, while employment fell by 100,200 jobs (-0.5%). This is the smallest decline in a first quarter since 2019, when 93,400 jobs were destroyed. At end-March, the total number of unemployed people stood at 3,174,700 and the number of employed at 20,084,700, the National Statistics Institute (INE) reported on Thursday. The increase in unemployment in…

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And Is It Possible To Decouple The CPI (9.8%)?

Fernando González Urbaneja | The CPI for March (+3%), which raises the year-on-year rate to 9.8%, is an outstanding fact, a major one, enough to stop the machines and turn to Saint Ignatius and his existential questions: where are we and where are we going? The cold data, released by the INE, coincides with the presentation in Congress of the urgent shock measures adapted by the government to deal with…

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Inflation in Spain falls to 0.1%, the lowest level in three years

Spain’s consumer price inflation hit the lowest in more than three years in September, according to data from the statistical office INE. The CPI edged up 0.1 percent year-on-year in September, following a 0.3 percent rise in August. This was the lowest rate since August 2016, when prices dropped 0.1 percent. The result, which coincides with some analysts’ forecast such as Funcas, is due to the fall in prices of energy products, especially gas and electricity.

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Inflation in Spain: Negative territory for 5 consecutive months

MADRID | The Corner | Spain’s final CPI in November was exactly the same as preliminary estimates: -0.4% yoy and -0.1% per month. The inter-annual rate has registered its fifth month in deflation, whereas the month-on-month rate was recorded as negative for the first time in 4 months. Throughout 2014, there were only three months with negative rates. Both the acceleration of the fall in oil prices and the stability of the dollar/euro explain these figures.