Italy’s public debt

Italy's economy entering a crucial period in its Euro membership

The ‘antiestablishment’ pact in Italy augurs a rise in the country’s public deficit

Paula Sampedro (Link Securities) |There are various fronts open on the political front during this week. Specifically, the Italian political parties La Liga (extreme rightwing) and the Movimiento Cinco Estrellas (anti-establishment) are expected to present their programme for government to the country’s president Sergio Mattarella, after reaching an agreement to form a new government in Italy.


Italy and Ireland

Italy And Ireland, A History Of Two Debts

Italy’s government debt could set to be 133% of GDP this year – a level that is some 34% higher than it was at the end of 2007. Meanwhile, Ireland’s debt shot up as the government had to bail out the housing and banking sectors post-2007 and by 2012 it was very close to the same level as a percentage of GDP as Italy’s (123%9).


What 20 years of austerity mean

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | Despite Italy’s PM Matteo Renzi is the only one fighting the hard EU economic line, Italian public debt reaches 135% of GDP. The country is required by the fiscal compact to return to 60% in 20 years, which would involve perpetual austerity for an entire generation at least. However, the problem does not only affect Italy but all the European Southern countries.