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Draghi is bound to anger the Germans

Draghi is bound to anger the Germans

MADRID | By JP Marin Arrese | Draghi is becoming a popular target for the German press. He presented himself as a tough defender of the established order in monetary policy when canvassing for the top job in the European central bank. But as soon as he secured his coveted goal, he shifted away from orthodoxy.

Mortal disagreement in and for the euro

Mortal Disagreement In and For the Euro

MADRID | By Miguel Navascués | There is a harsh disagreement in the euro zone: when Mario Draghi tries to do something, he finds the opposition of Germany and its allies. It seems obvious that Europe won’t get out of the hole with such travel companions.

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What are the ECB and Draghi Scared Of?

MADRID | By Fernando G. Urbaneja | In a surprising move, the European Central Bank cut interest rates on Thursday. This is just a sign of the multiple fears shared by the institution and Mr Draghi: the ghost of deflation, the need for credit or the European prices and asset inflation. But both Mr Draghi and the ECB’s credibility have been boosted lately. What are they scared of then?

[Video by FT: “Is Europe getting deflated?”]

Darghi warns

Draghi warns of potencial crisis in European banking sector

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | Mario Draghi dared to warn European authorities of the danger of a “capital flight” if they insist on taking confiscatory measures against all kinds of rescued banks’ creditors. If it comes to that, they may cause a crisis in the entire European banking sector.

Mario Draghi

The excellent Mr Mario Draghi

MADRID | By Daniel Álvarez, analyst at XTB | Let us be fair with Mario Draghi: he is in charge of an institution that, unlike its peers, has very restricted powers and legal barriers he has sorted with precision.

Mario Draghi with Angela Merkel

Mario Draghi, the Exterminator

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | Why is the ECB not announcing further interventions, helping investor confidence to recover, offering strangled banks liquidity until they start providing credit again?