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Suspension Of Mexico’s Energy Reform Will Hardly Affect Spanish Utilities

Banco Sabadell | A federal court in Mexico has temporarily suspended the government’s legislative reform for the electricity sector. The reform would prioritise energy production by state-owned company CFE when it comes to feeding energy into the grid. In turn this would harm private renewable generation firms which, by producing more cheaply, would enter the market earlier. The impact of for the Spanish firms with presence in the Mexican market, Iberdrola, Acciona and Naturgy is limited.

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Solving Mexico’s Oil Crisis

María Fernanda Tapia Cortés | Mexico starts 2017 with two trending topics: the announcement of new gasoline prices and protests inspired by the adjustment period in the form of a 20% price hike. While Mexicans are filled with outrage, moguls anticipate the potential earnings that this represents. The question is: Who will the energy reform benefit?