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Oil Demand: Down But Not Yet Out

It will take three years for global oil demand to recover from Covid to its new normal assuming we have a vaccine or a cure. According to estimates from BoA Global Research, long term oil demand will peak at 105 million barrel/day by 2030 on electric car proliferation, and then decline to 95 mn bd by 2050. If heavy vehicles also switch to alternative fuel, electric or more likely hydrogen, demand could drop to 76 mnb/d by 2050.


Repsol: intuitive purchase with short term potential return of 10%

Morgan Stanley |  With oil up 30% YTD, fairly decent quarterly figures, dividends easily covered, with potential to grow and clearly above a market without upside, and with a process of positive profit revisions, we insist in dedicating half an hour to two ideas which are now being oversold and which have lost all they gained in Q1 and which their high dividend is clearly attractive in the market and which we believe could have returns of around 10% in the relatively short term.

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Oil And Gas Major Projects: Hole In Supply Becomes Evident From 2018

UBS | We have updated our Upstream major project database. Further cuts to capital investment, responding both tactically to this year’s very low prices but also, increasingly, strategically to a changing market outlook, have contributed to another year of below-trend project development activity.

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Oil Market Outlook 2014 No turning point for prices yet

LONDON | By Barclays analysts | Although there is a train of thought that the sharp acceleration in US crude oil supply growth will sooner or later result in a turning point for oil prices and a possible price collapse, our analysis suggests 2014 is too early for that.