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OPEC+ To Extend The 9.7 M bpd Cut By One Month; It Means 100,000 Barrels Less Than In June, And Almost 10% Of The Global Supply

OPEC+ agreed over the weekend to extend the cut in oil production until July 31. Mexico has not signed up to the new agreement. The return of 2 million barrels of crude oil to the daily supply will be postponed until that date. In addition, it was determined that Iraq and Nigeria, which have so far failed to comply with the agreed production cuts, will carry out an additional reduction in July.

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Pre-OPEC Meeting : Will The Organization Restore Brent Backwardation?

Nitesh Shah (Wisdom Tree) | With the coronavirus spreading around the world, the market is understandably scared that demand for crude oil will fall hard this year. Brent oil prices have fallen from a peak of US$68/barrel in the first week of January to US$56/barrel currently (24/02/2020). We believe that the backwardation in the Brent oil futures curve is generated by the fact that OPEC is ready to intervene.

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Oil: oversupply concerns

Carsten Menke (Julius Baer) | While the extension of oil production cuts was confirmed at the last OPEC meeting, discord emerged between Saudi Arabia and Russia about whether even deeper production cuts would be needed. Oil prices came under pressure, reflecting renewed concerns about global growth. We see prices trading slightly below fundamentally justified levels.