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OPEC+ Will Extend Supply Cuts And Continue To Monitor Their Effects

Renta 4 | Finally OPEC+ may have reached a tentative agreement to extend production cuts and the member countries could meet as soon as this weekend to sign it. Saudi Arabia and Russia wanted a firm commitment from those countries which were evading their quotas. So they have finalised an accord with Iraq to meet not only its share of the cuts, but even to compensate for past breaches.

OPEC post mortem

Pre-OPEC Meeting : Will The Organization Restore Brent Backwardation?

Nitesh Shah (Wisdom Tree) | With the coronavirus spreading around the world, the market is understandably scared that demand for crude oil will fall hard this year. Brent oil prices have fallen from a peak of US$68/barrel in the first week of January to US$56/barrel currently (24/02/2020). We believe that the backwardation in the Brent oil futures curve is generated by the fact that OPEC is ready to intervene.

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OPEC Returns – For Now

UBS | It looks increasingly likely that at its meeting on 30 Nov next week OPEC will agree the production cut envisaged at its Sept extraordinary meeting. In Sept an OPEC-14 produc tion target range between 32.5 -33.0Mbd was agreed, designed to accelerate inventory draw -down and bring fwd re-balancing.


Repsol Decides To Complain

Carlos Díaz Güell |  Without doubt he has been thinking about it for many years, but the chairman of Repsol has waited patiently to show himself in the best light and make friends a few days ahead of today’s OPEC meeting taking place in Vienna, against a backdrop of highly volatile oil prices.