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Pension Agreement: Escrivá Has Done What He Could

Fernando González Urbaneja | Escrivá manages to push through the first chapter of the reform book, which has two sides: guaranteeing purchasing power (more costs) and lengthening the retirement age, along the lines of the 2011 reform.To justify the budgetary subsidies to the system, which could distort and politicise it, the argument of “inappropriate expenditure” is used, which is a flexible box where everything that needs to be put in can fit.

pensions spain

Spain: Spending On Pensions Rises 3% In May To A Record 10.154 Million Euros

The Social Security allocated 10.154 million euros to the payment of contributory pensions in May. This is a record figure which is 3% higher than a year earlier, the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration reported on Tuesday. More than two-thirds of the pension payroll went to retirement pensions, which totalled 7.303 million euros, 3.6% more than in May last year. Widows’ and widowers’ pensions were allocated 1.74 million…