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Spain | Average Bone Marrow Donor Search Time Halved Over Last Decade: 26 Days

This was confirmed by the 2020 data presented by the National Transplant Organisation (Spanish acronym: ONT). A total of 3,375 transplants of blood stem cells were performed over the last year,. Of those, 2,049 came from the patient themselves, while 1,326 were obtained from a donor. Actually there are now almost 38 million donors registered worldwide. In absolute terms, Spain remains fifth on the European ranking of registered bone marrow donors, behind Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom and Italy. Last year, 26% of all unrelated donors came from the Spanish register. (For 30 years, Spain has been the world leader in all types of transplants and organ donation, with 49 donors per million inhabitants).


Spain excludes the wealthy from public health services: a useless measure

MADRID | Spain’s minister of Economy Luis de Guindos suggested, almost announced, without giving away much detail immediate reforms in health care and public education to adjust the final accounts of the State. The new austerity measures are meant to touch the very nerve in public spending since both departments sum up to one third of total government spending, apart from the pension system that belongs to another cash register. The…