Economy minister de Guindos

Merkel supports Luis de Guindos to be the next President of the Eurogroup

MADRID |The Corner | After a meeting between Mariano Rajoy and Angela Merkel in Santiago de Compostela, the German chancellor gave her support to the candidature of the Spanish Economy Minister, Luis de Guindos, to succeed Jeroen Dijsselbloem as President of the Eurogroup. As Barclays analysts comment, “with Italy’s and France’s leftwing governments and UK in or out of the EU, Spain is now a more attractive partner.” Regarding Germany, Angela Merkel recognised that the crisis in Ukraine is damaging the German economy. Nevertheless, Merkel affirmed that she forecasts a good annual growth if nothing dramatic happens.

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Rajoy’s armour-plating against strong, divided left?

MADRID | Op-ed by Jaime Santisteban | Spanish government is announcing “second generation reforms” in technology and innovation, optimizing of European Structural Funds for youth employment and public-private partnerships. Even a change in mayors’ election procedure.  On which grounds? These measures come up after European elections showed a very fragmented political scene and a serious punishment to bipartisanship.

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Will Spain’s risk premium let the government sleep at last?

MADRID| By Julia Pastor | Spain’s credit quality and solvency is increasingly improving. The country’s risk premium closed at 219 basis points on Tuesday to its lowest level since June of 2012, and under Italy’s. Also Spanish 10-years bonds neared 4% yield, more than double than the German ones. Public debt investors do not have much better options.

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Rajoy and Hollande Team Up For Euro Zone Banking Union

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | Amidst their talks about economic policies and speed railway connections between Spain and France, both Mariano Rajoy and François Hollande met in Madrid on Wednesday. However, the visit bottomline is to seek for a common stance on banking supervision.

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The shortest summer of Mr Rajoy is over

MADRID | By J.P. Marín Arrese | The Spanish PM has a hot agenda for the rentrée. Not only Mr Rajoy has to deal with the corruption scandal of his party but also with UK over Gibraltar’s dispute. The good news is that Spanish bonds yield is pretty low and giving Madrid some fresh air to reduce the deficit, still very high.

Mariano Rajoy

PM Rajoy will appear before Parliament

MADRID | By JP Marín Arrese | Even if the Socialist Party is bound to fail as the ruling party holds a comfortable majority, it could expose Mr Rajoy to a damaging debate. He should overcome his inner reluctance to tell his truth on this scandal, going to Parliament on his own.

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Despite domestic turmoil, Rajoy is right

Unless those having more ample room to invigorate their demand do so, we are bound for a long period of strenuous struggles to undertake a painful real adjustment with no firm assurances the sacrifices attached to it  may work.