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Increasing Scarcity

J.P. Marín-Arrese explains in the daily Expansión that “A little over a hundred years ago, a conservative parliament validated the Bugallal decree. It froze rents, extended their validity for life and established serious obstacles to evictions, in order to stop a tenants’ strike. Compared to that measure, the one today being forged under pressure from the purple wing of the government (Podemos) pales in comparison due to its lukewarmness. The…

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Berlin Votes In Favour Of “Housing Municipalisation”

Citizens in Germany’s capital, Berlin, voted at the weekend to approve an initiative that would require the expropriation of 240,000 homes from large owners, i.e. companies with more than 3,000 flats. The non-binding referendum on the “municipalisation of housing” resulted in 57 per cent in favour of the measure and 38 per cent against. In an attempt to give tenants back the security that their homes will remain in the low-cost segment, the Berlin city council, through the municipal companies Degewo, Howoge and Berlinovo, recently agreed to buy 14,750 flats from Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnwen.

spanish companies

Real Estate Investment Returns To Normal In Spain

Intermoney | Investment in real estate assets in Spain amounted to around €2.5 billion. This is an increase of 52% compared to the figure for the first quarter of this year, according to provisional data estimated by the consultancy firm CBRE. For the half year as a whole, the total is €4.167bn, a drop of 19% from last year, when one of the best Q1s in history was recorded, just…


Buy more brick for a worst price

CAPITAL MADRID, José Sánchez Mendoza.–  Pay more, almost double, but with a comfortable loan that covers all or most of the amount. It’s a win-win situation, don’t you think? Though it may seem, this is not the lamp seller in a Moroccan bazaar’s talking but the candy that banks put in front of consumers to get rid of the housing stock that hampers their balance sheets. According to a study…

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Bankia accelerates real estate asset sales ahead of bailout

MADRID | Habitat Bankia, BFA Group-Bankia’s property company, announced it has sold over 2,400 real estate assets between January and June of this year. The value of these operations amounts to €230 million. These units from foreclosed assets and the pace of divestment reflects an increase of 17% year on year. In a market environment characterised by continued declines in sales and purchases, the decision of downsizing its real estate…

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Write-downs take 80pc of CaixaBank’s profits, push core capital to 13pc

BARCELONA | CaixaBank reported Friday a poor attributed January to March net income of €166 million as a result of provisions enforced by the Spanish government, set to clean up the balance sheets of the country’s banking sector. For the Catalan entity, the figure means an 80.1-percent cut down comparing to the first quarter of 2011 and bears the scars of large write-downs of €3.735 billion. CaixaB ank said that, as…

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Spanish real estate exposure halves Santander profits

MADRID | Banco Santander announced Thursday a net attributable profit of €1.704 billion in the first half of the year. The figure brings a cut down of about 51% compared with the same period in 2011. The Spanish bank pointed out that the decline is a result of setting aside €1.304 billion for provisions for real estate exposure in Spain of the second quarter ordinary profit of €1.404 billion. As a…

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BNP Paribas expects Spanish house prices lower than in audits’ base scenario

can you refinance mortgage with bad credit A drop of merely 10 percent in house prices between 2012 and 2014? BNP Paribas believes trends in Ireland and the US make the case for further value losses in Spain. Independent auditors of the Spanish banking sector Oliver Wyman and Roland Berger described their base scenario for the country's housing market in line with the International Monetary Fund's forecasts, and pointed at…


Anybody interested in Spanish coast bargains at 70% reduced prices?

By Álvaro Mohorte, in Valencia | | Spanish banks have had enough of bricks and mortar, and urgently need to sell properties. Up until now, prices of many of the properties coming from developers as well as individuals have been kept over the market’s in order to protect the entitities’ balances, but requirements of further provisions have forced a strategy change. The goal is to get rid of thousands of flats, apartments…