Repsol strategic plan

Casablanca Platform

With The Closing Of The Casablanca Oil Platform, Spain Ends Almost 60 Years Of Oil Production

Repsol will stop producing oil in mid-June at ‘Casablanca’, the last oil platform in Spain located in the waters around the coast of Tarragona. The new Spanish Climate Change and Energy Transition Law contemplates that Spain will no longer grant new exploration authorisations, so this shutdown of Casablanca is a step towards this purpose. In 2018, the hydrocarbon field of La Lora in Burgos, the oldest oil field in Spain operating since 1964, was already forced to close.

Repsol Strategic Plan

Repsol’s Will Invest €18.3 Bn Between 2021-25, Of Which 30% Will Go To Decarbonisation

Last week Repsol unveiled its strategic plan for the period 2021-25. The company will decarbonize its asset base and implement a new operating model with new pillars such as the Customer and Low-Carbon Generation Businesses. Furthermore, Repsol aims to substantially increase EBITDA, to more than €8.2 Bn in 2025. The strategic plan will have two differentiated periods. In the first two years, it will focus on ensuring financial strength. From 2022, the point will shift to the acceleration of growth.

Repsol will use the "scrip dividend" formula to pay its shareholders remuneration

Repsol Will Pay A Dividend Of 1€ In 2020

Repsol´s new strategic plan up to 2020 envisages dedicating 2.5 billion euros to drive the growth in energy businesses with low carbon emissions and a dividend of 1 Euro by 2020. It will use the “scrip dividend” formula, combined with a programme of share buy back.

Repsol's plan of acquisitions

Repsol Plans To Invest Up To €3 Bn In Acquisitions

Repsol is making progress with the preparation of its new strategic plan which it will unveil on June 7. It aims to earmark 2.5-3 billion euros for acquisitions, compared with the 3.82 billion which it will obtain from the sale of its stake in Gas Natural to CVC.



Repsol's bet on alternative energies

Repsol: Awaiting The “Third Leg” Of Its Strategic Plan

Repsol is doing very well at the moment. And in fact, it has been selected as the best exploration and production company in 2017 by Platts Global Energy Awards. During H1’18 Repsol will present its new 5-year strategic plan. The most interesting part will be the so-called “third leg”, describing the firm’s vision of the future.