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Repsol Is Expected To Float Its Renewables Subsidiary In Less Than Two Years

Repsol announced the IPO of its renewables area or an alliance with a third party in its Strategic Plan 2021/2025 presented on November 26th. The operation could be carried out in less than two years and it will always maintain control of the shareholders. The company expects to raise at least 1.4 billion euros with the floating, which would mean valuing the division at around 3 billion euros. It would be one of the largest operations of the last decade.


Repsol: Analysts More Upbeat After Gas Natural Stake Sale

Mari Pinardo / Julia Pastor | At the start of this year, Repsol launched an ambitious Strategic Plan to allow the Company to eliminate its debt and weather the storm of low oil prices. The plan includes: divesting non-core assets for a total of 3.100 billion euros via a series of deals, one of which was the possible sale of its Gas Natural stake. The chance came along and on Monday Repsol announced it has agreed to sell 10% of its stake in the gas company for 1.901 billion euros. The operation has been well received by the markets and by analysts.