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Credit Suisse, Sabadell… how mean it is to single them out

The banking tsunami generated by the collapse of SVB and Signature Bank – which the Fed wants to close by offering to buy bonds at par, not at market price, from banks in need of liquidity – threatens to turn into a financial crisis. That is the threat today from markets that are out for blood to stop interest rates rising. The big European banks, such as Santander and BBVA,…


Sabadell would have bought back 20% of its back office subsidiary

Renta 4 | In line with information in the press and without any official figures on the transaction, Sabadell would have put an end to the alliance with Indra and NTT Data, who own 20% of if its back office subsidiary (BSOS). This move would be in response to the change in the bank’s strategy and the reduction in the workforce at BSOS after the voluntary departure programme in 2020….

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Increase in capital requirements for some Spanish banks (BBVA, Sabadell, Caixabank)

Singular Bank | The ECB revises and determines minimum capital requirements for each lender annually so that, in function of its own funds, it has an established guarantee of solvency. In this respect, for 2023, BBVA will have to have a CET1 ratio of 8.72% (vs 8.60% in 2022) and a total capital level of 12.97% (vs 12.76%). In the case of Sabadell, the CET1 will have to be 8.65%, compared…


Sabadell Agrees The Sale To Cerberus Of €9.1 Bn Real Estate Assets

Sabadell has just announced the sale of real estate assets to the fund Cerberus for 9.1 billion euros. The assets have been given a net value of 3.9 billion euros, which means Sabadell will have to make provisions for 92 million euros. Cerberus will hold 80% of the joint Enterprise called NewCo, leaving Sabadell with 20%. Specifically, the operation has been structures through the issue of two portfolios of real estate assets commercially named “Challenger” and “Coliseum”.


Sabadell is starting to stabilise

Société Générale |The situation seems to be calming down in TSB and there is more visibility. The IT problems and the negative PR will have an impact on the UK franchise, which we hope will be profitable this year. It looks like Sabadell is beginning to stabilise now, we expect a more limited impact from 2019 and reiterate our Neutral stance.


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Catalan banks in the eye of the storm: investors start to get the jitters

At the moment, the biggest losers in the Ibex 35 index after Sunday’s referendum vote in Catalonia are the banks, particularly the Catalan lenders. Both Sabadell and CaixaBank have acknowledged that if independence were to happen, they would move their headquarters to another autonomous region in Spain. In this way they would keep their access to the ECB’s liquidity and their clients would remain under the protection of the national and European Deposit Guarantee Fund. But perhaps it’s too soon to ring the alarm bells: while the Ibex dropped, other European bourses rose. This shows that Catalonia is still far from becoming a systemic risk for the EU.



Sabadell, Bankia H1 results prompt different stock market reaction

The banks’ non-performing loans ratio continues to show signs of recovery amid the ongoing deleveraging process on the part of households and companies. The balance of impaired loans fell by 18.3% in May to 121,865 billion euros. Against this backdrop, Banco Sabadell and Bankia were the first banks to present their first half results’ report. And the Spanish stock market reacted in a completely different way to each report.