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Santander Announces A Cash Dividend Of 4.85 Euro Cents Per Share And A Share Buyback Equivalent To €841 Million

The board of Banco Santander announced today its decision to make an interim distribution from 2021 earnings through a cash dividend and share buyback amounting to a total value c.€1.7 billion -equivalent to 40% of underlying profit for the first half of 2021. The board’s decision has been taken in view of the lifting of the European Central Bank (ECB) recommendation that has limited shareholder remuneration until 30 September 2021…

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Santander Buys 20% Of Santander Consumer USA For $2.48 billion

Banco Santander has reached an agreement to buy the 20% it did not control of Santander Consumer USA at a price of 41.50 dollars per share in cash (its initial proposal was 39 dollars), a premium of 14% over the closing price on 1 July, the day before the announcement of its first offer, made through its US holding company SHUSA, which will finally pay 2.48 billion dollars (about 2.1…


A Santander-BBVA Merger Would Be Lower Risk Than Other European Banking Operations, According To A&M Firm

A hypothetical merger between Banco Santander and BBVA would mean the largest merger in European banking. It would also have a high return on investment and low integration risk, according to the services firm Alvarez & Marsal and reported by Europa Press. In its latest report called ‘The Pulse of European Banking’, the firm has analysed merger and acquisition opportunities amongst the major European banks in terms of investor return,…


Santander and BBVA best positioned for cut in ECB deposit rate

Bankinter analysis team believes that the cut in the deposit rate to -0.50% (from -0.4%) further penalises keeping excess liquidity in the ECB. Tiering (or the method of charging in tranches) only partially mitigates the impact with a volume of up to six times the coefficient of obligatory reserves (currently 1.0%) exempt. This favours banks with higher and more internationally diversified ratios of credit investment/typical resources like Banco Santander and BBVA.

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Santander attributed net profit falls by -10% to € 1.840bn in 1Q19

Banco Santander revealed its 1Q19 numbers. Intermediation margin (NII or margin of interest) € 8.68 + 3% yoy <€ 8.75 bn € e cons. Attributed net profit is 1.84 bn € -10.41% yoy against the 1.83 bn € estimated by the consensus, after a net charge of € 108 M for restructuring costs in the United Kingdom and Poland and assets sale. Ordinary profit has grown in seven of its ten main markets.

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Santander: excessive digital focus, tied to domestic market

Alphavalue | During the last decade, Banco Santander has successfully diversified constructing a portfolio of low risk/high growth activities. Although it should guarantee the longevity of the group, it has not translated into profits for smaller shareholders.