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Spain’s 2017 Budget Leaves Little Room For Manoeuvre

Spain’s 2017 budget leaves little room for manoeuvre. It represents exactly 39%, the percentage the state can freely make decisions on what do with from what it raises and borrows. It shows that, despite the fact the economy is doing well, we have a lot of problems.

Spain´s public deficit in 2017 was the highest in the EU

Spain Is No Longer A Problem For Europe: There Are Other Fronts Open

The euro’s fourth biggest economy will not be the protagonist in long economic debates in 2017.  Spain’s deficit and its domestic politics are no longer a concern for Brussels, now focused on the Brexit negotiations and worried about the complicated elections cycle in various countries.

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Spain Budget Continues To Miss Opportunities

Rajoy’s minority government will face the first big challenge of its new term in office with the presentation of the 2017 State Budget. This could be a good opportunity to start from scratch and implement much needed reforms.

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A New Year, But An Old Budget: Will Brussels Finally Fine Spain?

It’s been over 280 days since the general elections on December 20th and Spain is still without a government. This has its consequences. On October 15th the country’s caretaker government is due to present its 2017 Budget to Brussels and provide information on the adjustments and other measures which it plans to implement to correct the public deficit. But BS Markets says this draft can only be, at most, an extension of the 2016 Budget, a document without any changes.