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The Spending Ceiling For The 2023 Budget Reaches Congress: €198,221 mn (+1.1%)

The Government will defend the non-financial spending limit, colloquially known as the spending ceiling, for 2023 this Thursday in the Plenary Session of Congress, in what is considered the first step in the processing of the General State Budget bill for 2023. Specifically, the non-financial spending limit for 2023 amounts to 198,221 million euros, a new record, 1.1% higher than last year’s spending ceiling, including 25,156 million euros of European…

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Will The Spanish Budget Deliver A Fair Recovery?

J.P. Marín-Arrese | The Spanish government boasts that the tabled budget will benefit most citizens, from pensioners to young people, self-employed people or civil servants. It hopes targeting such groups will pay off when election time comes. The government is also pinning its re-election hopes on the bonuses it will give young people to help them find a place to live on their own and on the money for entertainment…


What If The PP Were To Offer To Agree The 2022 Budget?

Fernando González Urbaneja | Someone must have told Pablo Casado that by being a grump he does not gain political space or win more votes. This has been noticed in the week’s control session, when Sánchez was surprised by the offer to agree on the renewal of the pending institutional bodies (except for the General Council of the Judiciary). In this way, the Socialists’ accusation that the Popular Party is…

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The Ministry of Inclusion Takes The Largest Share Of The General State Budget for 2022, With €33.3478 Bn

Last week, the Council of Ministers approved the General State Budget Bill 2022. Total Expenditure amounts to 458.97 billion euros (+0.6% YoY or +2.897 billion euros). Social Spending amounts to 248.391 billion euros (+3.6% YoY). For this reason, the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration will receive the largest share of the budget for 2022, with €33.478 billion, taking into account that it includes the transfer of €18.396 billion…


Is Rajoy taking advantage of the caretaker government situation?

Up to what point is the lack of a government affecting Spain and its government? Spain’s Stock Market Regulator (the CNMV) now has no visible head. And the number of public sector jobs cannot be increased, nor AENA’s air fares. But perhaps this is due to other reasons which could have equally existed in a normal political situation.


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2014 Spain’s fiscal adjustment on target; 2015 more challenging

(By Barclays) | The Spanish government presented the details of the 2015 draft fiscal budget on Wednesday and the updated macroeconomic outlook underpinning it. There are few changes on the fiscal targets and projections, although the government now expects the economy to grow this year by 1.3% and next by 2% (Barclays: 1.2% and 1.8%). The budget minister in the press conference saw very little risk of the sovereign meeting the deficit target of 5.5% of GDP this year.