Spain Constitutional Court


The Government Rectifies Again To Try To Control The Constitutional Court

The PSOE will register a bill in Congress to enable the General Council of the Judiciary – which was prevented by decree from making new appointments while it remains in office – to make only the appointments of the two judges of the Constitutional Court. The Government is determined to renew the Constitutional Court (TC). To this end, it is going to register a parliamentary initiative that will allow the…


Renewal Of The Constitutional Court: If The Deputies Voted In All Conscience…

Fernando González Urbaneja | The Congress will have a hearing for the 4 jurists chosen by Pedro Sánchez and Félix Bolaños (PSOE) and Pablo Casado and Teodoro García Egea (PP), managers of the two majority – necessary – parties to fill the vacant posts in the Constitutional Court. And then the MPs will vote in a disciplined manner so that the proposal gets the green light with a qualified majority…

Spanish consumers are paying the failure of Castor gas project

The Castor Project; Spaniards Are Paying For The Failure Of This Gas Storage Installation

The Constitutional Court has declared null and void the agreement reached by the Spanish government in 2014 to resolve the problem of the Castor gas storage warehouse, the biggest in Spain, and the subsequent controversial €1.350 billion compensation given to the concessionary firm Escal (in which ACS has 66%). The ruling also says the compensation system set up allowing Enagás to charge consumers for the cost of Castor via their gas bill is illegal.