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Public Works Tenders In Spain Could Rebound 41% This Year To 2010 Levels

Seopan, the employers’ association of large construction companies and infrastructure concessionaires, estimates that public construction tenders in Spain will grow by 41.5% in 2021 to 20.17 billion euros, which would mean almost 6 billion euros more than a year earlier and recover the levels of 2010.Moreover, taking into account the current pace, it calculates that awarding could close the year with an increase of 12.4% to 7.9 billion euros, which would mean 877 million euros more than in 2020 and return to 2011 values.

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Madrid To Build The Largest Urban Project In Europe Over The Next Decade

Madrid Nuevo Norte, the urban development in the north of the capital, received the latest and final approval in July. The project has been in the pipeline for 27 years, and now, coinciding with the health crisis, it is ready to go ahead in early 2021. This is considered the largest urban transformation initiative in Europe over the next decade and is a morale booster for Spain’s depressed construction sector after the strict confinement period.

Spain's price competitiveness

Spain’s Competitiveness Improves As Economic Growth Strengthens

Ofelia Marín- Lozano | The productive model of the future should focus on boosting the country’s competitiveness (where education, the family, discipline and the incentive to do a good job are a necessary start). But sectors like construction should also be encouraged to recover their lost protagonism.


Lone Star to acquire Spanish land

MADRID | The Corner | The purchase of large swathes of Spanish land by US hedge fund Lone Star is further compelling evidence that the Spanish property market is staging a recovery. This investment signifies that the improvement in the market will soon be seen in the residential sector, having previously been confined to the retails and commercial markets.


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Build Up Skills Spain: Can the EU help the construction sector?

MADRID | By Ignacio Mulas at CapitalMadrid | How to fix the most battered sector in Spain by the economic crisis? Construction has lost around 18% jobs in one year. A new European project called Build Up Skills Spain tries to shed some light and recommends public investment to upgrade  workers into energy efficiency and rehabilitation. Because that’s the only hope.