spain dividend yield


Endesa, Enagás And Mapfre, The Spanish Firms With Highest Dividend Yield, Says Spanish Consumers’ Organisation

Endesa, Enagás and Mapfre are the three Spanish companies that offer the highest dividend yield, 9.7%, 9.5% and 7.5%, respectively. According to the analysis prepared by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), and reported by the Europa Press agency, these three companies are followed by Red Eléctrica, Naturgy and Zardoya-Otis, with a yield of over 5%.

spain dividend yield

2021, The Year Of The Return Of Dividends; Spain, Eurozone Leader In Dividend Yields

Allianz Global Investors presented the Dividend Report 2021. According to the study, after falling to just under €290 Bn in 2020, compared to €360 Bn a year earlier, due to the coronavirus crisis, dividend distribution is likely to rise again in 2021 to  about €330 Bn. Whatsmore, pre-crisis levels will not be reached before 2022. The report also shows that, despite the health crisis-related downturn, dividends in Europe continue to contribute substantially to equity returns. Spain is the leading market for dividend yields in the Eurozone.