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Lone Star to acquire Spanish land

MADRID | The Corner | The purchase of large swathes of Spanish land by US hedge fund Lone Star is further compelling evidence that the Spanish property market is staging a recovery. This investment signifies that the improvement in the market will soon be seen in the residential sector, having previously been confined to the retails and commercial markets.



Aena IPO shows trust in Spanish recovery

MADRID | By Francisco López The successful launch of the Aena IPO has been interpreted as a sign of confidence in the recovery of the Spanish economy. The airport operator was floated last week and saw gains of  20.6%, but the headline grabbing investment from international funds such as BlackRock, Templeton, Fidelity or Capital Group has given credence to the sense that Spain is an increasingly attractive proposition for investors.


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In Spain, Credit To Businesses and Households In Free Fall

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo and Tania Suárez | Credit is still stagnant in Spain and neither companies nor families are able to access money. According to the Bank of Spain, the development of credit in the country is still falling. The conclusion is that there is an insufficient banking money supply with a still very high fall rate.

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Ibex 35 Euphoric Thanks to Spanish Risk Premium’s Fall

MADRID | By Francisco López | The risk premium has moved from being a huge torment for Spanish decision-makers, to making headlines showing a recovery of the international confidence in Spain’s economy. The interest rate of the Spanish 10-year bond is at its lowest since 2009, the differential with Germany is around 190 basis points and Ibex 35 widely exceeds 10,000 points.

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“Spain’s Growth Averaged 2.5% a Year For the Last 3 Decades”

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban at The Corner TV | Economic growth in Spain is still weak and there is a risk the EU deficit goal could be overshot as both the public debt and the unemployment rate are too high. We discuss the current outlook and necessary reforms with Chairman of The Corner and former head of the Madrid Press Association Fernando G. Urbaneja.

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Spain Seeks Foreign Investment to Keep on Growing

MADRID | By The Corner Team | In order to ensure the consolidation of the recovery in the Spanish economy, all reforms and modifications should focus on boosting foreign investment in the country. After all, it has demonstrated to be a land of opportunities for smart investors.

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Politicians get sloppy with Spanish labour market

MADRID | By Carlos Díaz Güell | We are facing a new era in global economy: the rise of the so-called “new economy,” full of challenges and uncertainties that can’t be ignored so as to be on the road to growth. However, Spanish politicians seem to turn a deaf ear and to ignore the needs of the labour market.

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Why is Spain Under Suspicion- A Foreign Correspondent’s View

MADRID | By Stefanie Claudia Müller | Foreign media is astonished by how rarely Spaniards seem to protest against corruption within their own state. Although the correspondents try to sell these stories, at home no one seems to be much interested in publishing them, because the fact of a corrupt Spain is according to many European newspapers “old news.” This highlights the fact that Spain’s image problems are not recent.