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Spanish Per Capita Income, At The Level Of 2015

Miguel Navascués | After reaching 22,169 euros at the end of 2019, Spanish per capita income had fallen to 19,429 euros by end-2020, a level very similar to that of 2015 (19,348 euros). Per capita income, or GDP per capita, depends on GDP growth and population growth, obviously. GDP growth depends, as we know, on the productivity growth of all factors, i.e. investment, technology, and the number of employees. Which…

Does the 2019 Budget benefit the Spanish economy?

The Spanish Economy Was Already Showing Signs Of Structural Exhaustion Before Covid-19

The Spanish economy has been showing clear signs of structural exhaustion prior to Covid-19. The indicator that summarises this weakness is the stagnation of GDP per capita in relation to the EU average, which has stood at 90% since 2016. This is significantly lower than the 98% reached in 2003, according to a report published by Funcas. The crisis generated by the pandemic hits an economy that was no longer converging with the EU27.