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Spain, Nadia Calviño

Spain Will Grow By 6.4% In 2021, According To The IMF

T.C. | The Spanish economy will grow by 6.4% in 2021, making it the fastest growing European country, and one of the fastest growing in the world among the advanced economies, along with the United States, where growth is also estimated at 6.4%, according to the International Monetary Fund’s biannual ‘World Economic Outlook’ report, published yesterday.

Spanish GDP grows 0.4%, slowest in three years

The Spanish economy grew 0.4% in the second quarter, one tenth less than in the previous quarter and also a tenth less than advanced at the end of July. It is the lowest rate of quarterly growth in three years, according to the National Accounts published this Monday by the National Institute for Statistics (INE).

Spanish economy: from strong growth to growth potential

Philippe Waetcher (Ostrum AM – Natixis) | Spain has recovered strongly since 2013. Probably as a reaction to the deep fall of the Spanish economy in 2008 and after the 211-2012 period. This reaction explains the strong performance of the Spanish economy observed in recent years.

Spain is confirmed one more year as a "full democracy"

Spain: Is growth without stability possible?

Joan Tapia (Barcelona) | The possibility of new elections in November is beginning to sound the alarm about the ability of Spanish political parties to form coalitions. The Spanish economy is an animal of great strength which, once set going, is resistant and difficult to stop. So said to me a few months ago a distinguished Spanish economist who presides over one of the most respected think tanks.

Spanish socialist leader Pedro Sánchez's agenda

Spanish economy: when elections cloud the data

Ana Fuentes | Spain and the US are the only developed countries which are going to grow more than 2% in 2019 according to the IMF. On the case of Spain, exports, which were driving the country’s growth, have weakened, but domestic demand has grown. The risk premium is just below 100 basis points, compared to Italy’s 250 b.p. But beyond the data, the analysis is currently conditioned by the effect of the electoral campaign.

Spain's economy real recovery

Has Spain grown so much vs pre-crisis levels? Really?

Households have improved their debt levels, but the state has compensated for this. So Spain remains the most indebted country in the world, with public and private debt representing 300% of GDP. Another reason which helps explain the fact that investment is still not taking off. But what are very popular are “stock market games”.