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2021: Notable But Incomplete Recovery Of The Spanish Economy

CaixaBank Research (Oriol Carreras Baquer and Javier García Arenas | We expect growth in economic activity to pick up in Q2, when the most vulnerable people should have been immunised and international travel can recover more strongly, with growth in the Spanish economy reaching around 6.0% in 2021. While the pace of recovery is high, this would still leave the economy 6.2% below the pre-crisis GDP level. In fact, we do not expect the economy to return to pre-crisis levels until 2023.  

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Spain: workers living in poor households increase

Olga Cantó Sánchez via The Conversation | In many developed countries inequalities in income and economic poverty has increased over the last four decades. Studies of the issue link this progressive increase to the lack of improvements in social policy to correct the growing economic vulnerability of broad sections of the population, which suffer from precarious work linked to temporary and part-time employment and low wages.