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Economy at a glance: the bank of Spain forecasts

Spanish Banks Can Breathe Again: Bad Loans Fall While New Lending Grows

The Spanish banking sector earned 28% less in the first six months of the year, it has profitability problems and has seen almost half of its stock market value wiped off in the last two years. But there are two indicators which inspire optimism in the medium-term: bad loans continue to fall and there has been a strong rise in consumer credit as well as in lending to non-property companies.

King Felipe VI

Political Uncertainty In Spain Is Here To Stay For Some Time Longer

Julius Baer Research | The potentially shortest Spanish legislature is bound to come to an end on 26 June 2016 when Spain will elect a new parliament for the second time within six months. Since the politicians have failed to form a new government after the last general election in December 2015, King Felipe VI has dissolved the parliament and called for new elections.