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Just 3 Things To Consider Before Investing In Spain

UBS | In this report, we focus on three pivotal questions that we consider crucial for investing in any security in Spain: First, what is the economic outlook for 2016/17, and what are the biggest economic policy challenges that the next government will face? Second, what are the likely scenarios for the outcome of the elections on 26 June? And third, what is the valuation and relative attractiveness of Spanish assets, how will asset markets react to different election outcomes, and what is or is not priced in?


Spain’s Next Government Will Face Problems With Brussels

For the last few months, the European Commission has been warning Spain that it will certainly not comply with its public deficit targets for 2015 and 2016. Many analysts are in agreement with this, while Economy Minister Luis de Guindos rejects it. This is the panorama facing the new Spanish government which, for the moment, King Felipe VI has asked socialist leader Pedro Sanchez to form.