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Photovoltaics, The Queen Of Renewable Energies In Spain Over The Next Ten Years

Intermoney | No beating around the bush. The generation of energy through photovoltaic technology is one of the keys to Spain’s economic recovery. at the beginning of 2020, before the arrival of COVID-19, more than 59,000 people were working in photovoltaic. 59,000 people were working in photovoltaics, including direct and indirect jobs, with a direct contribution to GDP of 0.24%, and these figures are expected to increase over the next ten years, making our country an international photovoltaic hub.

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China Three Gorges Interested In X-Elio Photovoltaic Assets To Enter The Spanish Market

The state-owned company China Three Gorges could be negotiating the purchase of X-Elio’s photovoltaic assets in Spain. These total 640 MW of installed capacity in operation, under construction or in a developing phase, includes the acquisition of 13 photovoltaic plants. According to sources close to the company, the operation could be worth around 500 M. €, which could include the debt related to these project. The operation could be one of China’s few acquisitions in Europe this year, Bloomberg said.