Spain polls

A somewhat fake campaign

Enrique Badía | Considered by many as something new, fakes have a long history with many examples. Normally, any lie, hoax or distortion of reality merits consideration. And it is under this last interpretation that the campaign for the 10 November elections seems pretty fake, not only because some lies are slipping in – that too – but because they are giving everybody a distorted image of reality. They are hiding, because they do not mention the important challenges and tasks that the government emerging from the elections will have to face, sooner or later … who knows what decisions it will take after winning power if it does not have to explain it.

Spain Returns To The Polls: Fiscal Consolidation, Catalonia Key Challenges

AXA IM | Four months after the elections, negotiations to form a government officially failed and new elections will be organised on 26 June. However, it remains very unclear that their outcome will be more favourable, though probably conducive to a government as a third round of elections would be a tremendous failure. Fiscal consolidation and Catalonia’s independence will be top priorities.

Spain goes to the polls as the Ibex runs out of new stock ideas

Spain will go to the polls on Sunday and expectations have certainly been met for a more interesting race to the finishing point than in 2011. New kids on the block, centre-right Ciudadanos and anti-austerity Podemos, have put an end to the over 40-year two-party dominance of the Popular Party (PP) and the Socialists. The new government could implement more reforms with expected positive economic impact, but the downturn in markets such as Latin America is likely to weigh more on Spain’s stock market.