spain property market

Testa aims to consolidate with its listing its position as property ‘giant’

Investment Funds Have €40 Bn To Invest In Spain’s Property Sector

Investment funds have €40 billion to spend in the Spanish real estate market in the short and medium term, according to a survey carried out amongst 200 funds and investors by Cushman & Wakefield. Of the total interviewed, 51% expect to maintain their investment strategy in the coming months despite the virus. This compares to 33% who are reconsidering their risk profile and 16% who are evaluating different asset classes.

madrid rental market

Office rents in Madrid are yet to reach previous peak levels

The capital of Spain is one of the most cyclical markets in Europe and rents are still far from the previous peaks. According to Morgan Stanley, there is more upward potential in values ​​with exposure to offices in Madrid. Besides, Spain is expected to grow above the European average.

Inmobiliaria Colonial and the socimi Axiare merger

Colonial & Axiare Create Property Giant Worth €11.1 Bn

Inmobiliaria Colonial announced at the market close on Tuesday that its board and that of the socimi Axiare have approved the merger of both companies. The integration still has to be ratified at the respective shareholder meetings. It will be carried out via a share exchange: 1,8554 shares of Colonial for each share of Axiare.

Socimis' boom

Socimis in Spain are experiencing a boom which is unparalleled in Europe

Almost 10 years after the big property bubble burst, Spain is once again showing how emotional it can get it with bricks and mortar in all its forms. And emotional is the word, because the ‘revival’ of the real estate sector – something which nobody was betting on three or four years ago – is so spectacular that not a day passes when there is not some sort of euphoric news emerging about it. Of course figures are figures and these are more than amazing. If we focus on the Socimis, the protagonists of the property market in this current phase, the truth is the numbers are really impressive.

Axiare performance

Spanish Small & Midcaps: Axiare

José Benito de Vega | Axiare has outperformed the other listed Socimis, as well as the IBEX-35 since it made its market debut in July 2014. The rise in the company’s NAV per share has reflected this upbeat trend, increasing over 30% in three years.