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The EC Asks Spain Government For Prudence With Labour Reform Review

The European Commission (EC) urged the Spanish government to “carefully” evaluate the potential impact of any modifications to the 2012 labour reform and to “preserve “the most positive aspects of it, which “supported solid job creation” during the recovery phase. Citing a recent study from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), it states that “the labour reforms adopted in 2012-13 in response to the crisis have played an important role in promoting a rich recovery in employment which began in 2014.”

New episodes of tension originating in Italy could affect other peripheral countries

Is Spain Better Than Italy?

Now “the waters appear to have calmed” in Italy, analysts at Intermoney, however, believe we will see more episodes of tension originating in Italy. The key moment is likely to come at the end of the summer or in the autumn. This situation should be seen as a scenario for tension rather than rupture, although contagion to other peripheral economies could be possible.

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Going Around In Circles With Budgetary Stability

For a long time, Spain has had a “debt pending” in terms of budgetary stability. And, for the time being, the current scenario leads us to think that balancing the public finances is a difficult objective to achieve in the medium-term. Added to that problem is the high level of government debt.

Spain public debt

Brussels gives Spain a rap on the knuckles for its high public debt

The European Commission has published its evaluation of the progress made by different countries towards their economic and social priorities. The report highlights that the Spanish economy is growing at a good pace and is gradually correcting its weaknesses. But there continue to be huge imbalances, like still high unemployment and the high levels of both public and private debt.

Spanish household debt falls

The downward manipulation of Spanish public debt

There are some items of Spanish public debt which are eliminated from Bank of Spain’s accounts, reducing the total figure. In other words, 450 billion euros ignored. Basically, what is being removed is public companies’ debt, the debt issued by a public institution in the hands of another public institution, as well as other adjustments, which really should not be discounted.

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Spain Public Debt Reaches 99.4% of GDP: So What?

Spain’s public debt stood at 1.062.472 trillion euros at the end of September, representing 99.4% of GDP, and compared with the government’s full-year 2015 target of 98.7%. But is this debt burden really so heavy, when the average cost of debt stood at 0.87% at the end of October, compared with 1.52% in December 2014?

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Spain public debt reaches 97.4 % of GDP in May

The Corner | July 21, 2015 | Spain’s total public administration debt stood at €1.040 trillion at end-May, up €7.890 billion from a month earlier and representing approximately 97.4% of gross domestic product (GDP), according to the Bank of Spain. The government expects public debt to reach 98.9% of GDP in 2015.