Spain public deficit

spain public deficit

Spain: Growth Would Held Steady In 2Q16, Beating Expectations

The trend in the variables observed indicates that the recovery of the Spanish economy continued during the first half of 2016. With nearly 80% of the information available for 2Q16, the MICABBVA model estimates that quarterly GDP growth (QoQ) will have completed one year at around 0.8%. If confirmed, this stabilisation in the pace of expansion would give an upward bias to the growth envisaged in BBVA-Research’s baseline scenario for 2016 (2.7%).


Rajoy’s Government Chooses To Provoke Brussels

On the same day as Spain’s Economy Minister De Guindos announced new economic forecasts, which for some were completely off-the-wall, the government also announced that it will give civil servants back half of the extra payment which was suspended in 2012, worth over 550 million euros.

Wake-up call

Brussels gives Spain a wake-up call

MADRID | May 18, 2015 | By Francisco LópezThe Spanish economy does not shake off the Brussels’ yoke even when is leading the growth of the eurozone. The European Commission is still placing us in the group of the European countries with the most serious economic imbalances.

Spanish economy

The loose ends of Spanish economy

MADRID | April 28, 2015 | By Carlos Díaz Güell | The Spanish economy is certainly turning the corner as evidenced by its growth rate, possibly exceeding 3% this year, and employment data, although both indicators are cooled down by analysts who believe growth in the medium and long term may be hampered by too many mortgages.

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Today’s market chatter in Spain

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | Market makers woke up with a torrent of data explaining how first quarter played out: Spanish public deficit, Eurozone’s activity indicators, and many more.

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Spain and the ever higher tax revenue bait

VALENCIA | Economist Ernest Sena reveals data of spending rates that tells a different tale about the Spanish regions: they aren’t as wild and rebels as it has been portrayed. But there is a common mistake to all public administrations, which have used budgets like propaganda tools.